The Beauty of Honey: Healing Power for Skin

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Honey for Healing 

Many cultures the world over have recognized the healing benefits of honey and have used honey medicinally for thousands of years. Raw honey (which means specifically, honey that has not been heat treated, filtered or processed), is rich in nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. This powerful and natural substance has been known for its beneficial use in treating the following:


  • Burns
  • Rashes
  • Wounds (lacerations, incisions)
  • Ulcers (internal and external)
  • Coughs & Laryngitis
  • Acne

  Organic Honey, Raw Honey, Healing Power, Skin Care factoids 

Honey has natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities. These qualities are due to an enzyme (glucose oxidase) that converts to hydrogen peroxide,  a powerful anti-microbial agent and a protein (defensin1), which aids in the healing and prevention of infection. In several studies, honey excelled in the healing of burns, outperforming standard burn treatments such as silver sulphadiazine.  


Honey Minimizes Scarring 

Honey is hygroscopic, meaning that it has a strong affinity for water and will actually absorb moisture directly from the air. Because of this, when applied to wounds, burns, incisions, etc., honey maintains a moist, healing environment – preventing the scabbing or drying out of the skin as it heals, thus minimizing scarring. 

 Organic Honey, Raw Honey, Natural Honey Beauty


Honey for Beauty 
Because of honey’s affinity for water and its ability to attract it, applying honey to skin as a facial treatment helps to moisturize and soften the skin and fight the signs of premature aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are often a sign of dehydration. Skin that is properly moisturized from the inside out appears younger and more radiant. Drinking plenty of water, following a nutrient-rich diet, and taking care to moisturize properly, including the application of an at-home honey facial mask, all help to give skin a radiant glow. And because of its antibacterial qualities, honey treatments are also great for acne prone skin, too.    

 Organic Honey, Raw Honey, Skin Carefactoids

You can enjoy a great honey facial mask treatment right at home. (Remember, before using a honey mask, it is important to apply a small amount of honey on skin to test for sensitivities or allergies as honey is a naturally derived substance from plant nectar and may contain trace amounts of pollens.) Check out our suggestion for a sweet organic honey facial mask below.

This simple recipe is all you need to bring some sweet pampering to your skin.  Some recipes for honey masks can contain other added ingredients but organic, raw honey on its own is a fantastic skin treatment. 

Honey continues to be studied for its benefits to digestion,  as well as positive impacts on blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Please see our last blog post for additional news about honey’s health benefits and stay tuned for more on the greatness of this gift of nature  in future blog posts.  


Honey Facial Mask  
To treat your skin to the healing benefits of honey, simply follow the directions below.  What you’ll need: 
  • Organic, raw honey organic honey, skin care
  • A small container 
  • Small brush for application  
1) Place 1-2 TBS of honey in a small bowl.
2) Set bowl in a dish of warm (not hot) water for a few moments to soften the honey. 
Note: You may also stir the honey with a warm (not hot) spoon for the same effect. Take care not to expose the honey to undue heat as heat exceeding 110 degrees may kill the active enzymes in the honey, reducing its healing properties.
3) Apply to face and neck with a small brush and leave  on for 15 – 20 minutes while you relax and enjoy a sweet moment. 
4) Remove with tepid water, and follow with a  moisturizer of your choice.


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