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Posted on March 14, 2011 in Monthly Newsletters | Short Link

silk_thOur Rare Hawaiian Organic White Honey is known for its creamy texture and subtle flavor-but our Silk Honey is the crème de la crème-literally, it is our creamiest, smoothest, silkiest texture honey. We first introduced Silk Honey in 2007 and it immediately became a NASFT (North American Specialty Food Trade Association) Sofi Silver finalist for best new product!

spoon_1Silk Honey is from the same nectar (kiawe) as our White Honey, but we refined how we finish the honey to create an even smoother texture. Many people ask why our honey is white and looks whipped (it is not!). The creamy white texture is a result of the fine crystallization of the honey (which is characteristic of kiawe honey) when harvesting is timed correctly. If you do a careful taste test (eyes closed!), you can detect the very fine crystals in our White Honey. If you repeat the test with our Silk Honey, you will not be able to feel any of the tiny crystals, which is why the texture is so smooth and silky. It takes a lot of meticulous attention to detail to make a natural and unheated honey as smooth as our Silk Honey, but we thrive on challenge.

Crystals are ubiquitous in our lives: diamonds, snow, sugar, salt, ice, etc; and they are the basis for much of the high tech world in which we live. A computer chip is made of crystals (silicon crystals); our honey is composed of crystals (sugar crystals). Here at our honey farm, the low tech world of nature and our meticulous beekeepers combine to offer a live, natural food composed of tiny, edible crystals. While silicon crystals deliver you high tech information, the fine crystals in our honey deliver you ‘A Taste of the Magic of Hawaii’ – delicious, delicate honey crystals imbued with the essence of the Hawaii sun and flowers.

Many of you asked about shelf life of our honey. Our Silk Honey has a longer shelf life than our other honeys. We recommend that it be used within six months to preserve its gourmet quality and texture. If stored in the refrigerator, its original characteristics will be preserved up to 18 months.

Because we do not heat our honey, the naturally occurring enzymes remain alive and active. Over time (4-6 months) the action of the enzymes will change the honey’s texture, flavor and color. That’s why it is important to store our honey in a cool dry environment to slow down the enzymatic activities. Refrigeration or freezing is a good way to store our honey for an extended period of time. If eaten within 4-6 months, depending on the texture that you prefer, there is no need to refrigerate. While honey does change over time, it is edible indefinitely. Two thousand year old edible honey was found in the pyramids in Egypt.

Our Silk Honey is very popular among honey fans and connoisseurs. We make Silk Honey in small batches and we only have about a 6 week supply left. To experience our smooth as silk honey, you can order your honey now!

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