16th Annual Holiday Newsletter

Posted on November 15, 2010 in Monthly Newsletters | Short Link

RichardwFrameweb_000In considering the topics for this year’s newsletter, a staff member told me that our newsletter was lacking our typical sparkle, and that we report basically the same story every year. “People came, people left. Honey harvest is up, honey harvest is down. Bees are in trouble due to the latest threat.” So this year I thought I would leave those stories to our Blog and Facebook and share with you the deeper successes of this little business.

As an eclectic spiritual practitioner I know that the wheel of the world keeps turning – good/bad, down/up, rich/poor, sickness/health – and that it is part of my task to transcend this whirl – to be a part of it all, but not to become overly attached to it – to recognize that my essential being is only temporarily visiting in this body.

It is essential that I incorporate my up/down/spin-around busyness as part of my spiritual practice. Since running a small business is what Candice and I spend most of our time doing, it is important to recognize it as part of our spiritual practice. And what is our spiritual practice? To be awake as much as possible and to do good and at the very least to do no harm to the environment and living beings.

So then, what is this business about? Is it about money? Well, money is part of it. Money enables us to keep going as a business and share this exceptional honey with you. Without a profitable business we wouldn’t have the opportunity to connect in meaningful ways with all of the people who flow through Volcano Island Honey as staff, as customers, as chefs, as friends – all helping make it such a special place to be. And the business is also a vehicle for expressing our intention to be an example of the possibility of working and living in harmony with the earth, with people and with spirit and at the same time be financially successful.

The other day I was on the phone with the CEO of a large company that sells our honey. He was sharing with me the many life changes he has been experiencing since he had heart trouble earlier this year changes that made obvious the impermanence of all material things. Then he said, “You know five mornings a week I get up and have a dab of your honey on my toast and in my tea. Your honey connects me to the peaceful tranquility of Hawaii.” He reminded me of the subtle reach of our humble work – to know that a busy and important executive like this is touched each day by our intention and our desire to share a Taste of the Magic of Hawaii.

For 25 years we have been getting letters from customers telling us that our honey is a special part of their day. The fact that we can facilitate the transmission of our deep intention embodied in this delightful honey, and that so many appreciate it so much, is truly satisfying. That is what this business is really about.

May this Holiday Season bring peace in your heart, in your family and in the world.



Richard Spiegel and Ohana (Family) ~ Beekeepers & Gatherers of Fine Honey

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