Favorite Ways to Use Our Honey Contest- And the winners are…

Posted on September 13, 2010 in Our Honey | Short Link

Straight out of the jar is a very popular favorite way to use our honey and our customers came up with some great new ideas!

All of your great ideas and comments are listed below, but Joshua and Ann (first two posts) won jars of our silk honey for their innovative ideas:

  • Joshua: Flax cracker, silk honey, oily tahini, banana, chili pepper.
  • Ann: I like to infuse it with lavender.
  • Jen B: While I’ve used it in tea, crepes (with peanut butter), and on toast in the past, the only way I eat it now is straight out of the jar with a spoon. Volcano Island honey is too delicious to add anything else to it!
  • Jen S: The BEST treat to make using delicious Volcano honey is blending it with some pecans and raw butter. Watch out! You can substitute any nut of your choice but my fav is pecans.
  • Rae: My favorite way to enjoy your amazing honey is to spread it on a fresh buttermilk biscuit right out of the oven. The heat of the biscuit releases all of the honey aroma…its heavenly!
  • Tom: Macadamia nut butter and honey on very thinly sliced whole wheat bread. I get to go back to Hawaii with every bite.
  • Mark: I make Mead from honey and would love to try this variety out. Mead is a wine made from honey!!!!
  • Jeffery: My “G” rated favorite way to use your fab honey is straight out of the jar, don’t mess with perfection!
  • Joy: Jeffery is right..Your honey is great just by itself and I like honey so much that I also use it on oatmeal and my favorite is Fresh Ginger Root Tea with honey..
  • Gillian: I like it spread on toast. I’ve also used it in both ways above. But my favorite way is in my homemade honey -mustard dressing.
  • Fern: A little dab on a spoon and voila!
  • Chieko: In fruity white tea!
  • Rosemarie: I use it to sweeten my coffee in place of sugar. I think it’s a more complex and enjoyable taste combination. With a splash of almond milk it beats any ordinary latte or “coffee” drink… much healthier too!
  • Trista: Right out of the jar.
  • Mel: Heat up one cup of milk and add two teaspoon of honey. It’s soothing for a stomach ache.
  • Jen: Straight out of the jar.
  • Anne: Well, the other day I had a super wicked tart batch of blackberries … those huge ones. So I took my jar of your yummy honey and ate one berry, then a tiny spoon dipped in the honey jar and ate that. Then the next berry, then a tiny spoonful of honey. And so on. Not too much honey to overwhelm the berry … juuuuuuust enough. Basically, I ended up with a very yummy healthy snack that day of berries and your lovely honey. Thank you!

Thanks to all of our customers who sent in their ideas… and please keep adding to this list!

Posted by Andrea Dean.


  • Ann Wurde says:

    Oooo…. I’m excited about receiving a jar of your honey! I will definetly send pics of infusing it with lavender.

    Thanks much!

  • Daniel says:

    Honey Glazed Carrots – dissolve as much honey as you can in a sauce pan half full of water, and just enough peeled and half blanched carrots to the pot, and softly boil the liquid in the pan to a syrupy consistency. Friggin’ awesome.

  • Candice says:

    Honey glazed carrots…sounds great. I am going to try it this weekend.

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